Interactive Selections

Member and Data Point actions are typically done by one item at a time. Often, there is also a need to apply the action to multiple items. As such, the ability to select multiple selected items at a time becomes very important.

For singular selections, the user only needs to right click on the item to drive its inherent selection. While for multiple selections there are two techniques - depending on the visualization and the features visible for the given visualization:

  • Multiple clicks using the CTRL key and left mouse button or the Item Picker tool - useful for picking non-contiguous selections
  • The Lasso tool for picking a contiguous set of items

Certain interactive options may not be available or behave differently if there are multiple items selected. Click here for more details.

Single Selections

When making single selections, the context menus allow users to simply point at the item, right click and perform the action in a single step. This includes handling for both elements (members) and data points (cells).

Multiple Selections

Multi-Item Operations

The context menu choices presented to users changes if multiple items are concurrently selected. The two most notable adjustments are:

  • The Dice, Swap and Add Menus are NOT available if multiple items are selected,
  • Users can execute Drill Down, Drill Up, Expand and Collapse operations on multiple selections as long as all the items are from the same hierarchy and the same level.