Quick Totals

Adding totals to your grids is a typical technique to provide additional context and information to your analysis and or report. Since totals are only relevant to grid visualizations, the option is hidden or disabled for other visualizations. Further, run-time settings applied by report designers can hide the totals option from context menus even on grids.

The easiest way to turn on summation totals is via the right-click context menu (if its been enabled). For deeper control of totaling, including the option to change the totaling logic use the Total Dialog from the ribbon.

Using 'quick' Totals

From the context menu you can

  • add grand totals to both columns and rows
  • add grand and sub-totals to both columns and rows
  • add row or column grand totals separately
  • add grand totals to both columns and rows where the totals appear on the top and left respectively.
  • hide all totals.

  • Examples of these types of total options are shown in the topic discussing the deeper Total settings here.