Direct Model on a Database

When opening a new discovery, you'll have the option to 'Direct Model' on relational databases. This means you can design a new data model o-the-fly by adding a new server or database, and then defining the data model before opening it in Discover, where you can query it immediately.

Quick modeling provides a convenient alternative to full modeling; rather than preparing the ETL from Model, you can simple create a new data model on-the-fly from Discover, and then query it immediately. Quick modeling allows you to import tables from a database; you can then edit the table relationships, and the table and column properties. Quick modeling does not expose the full functionality available in Model, but data models created via quick modeling can later be edited in Model.

Permissions for Quick Modeling

The ability to add a server is managed via Profiles. By default, Admins can add new servers. Non-Admin users can only add new servers if they belong to a role assigned to a profile that has the 'Add data server' switch enabled.

All Professional users have the ability to add a new database from Discover Pro.

How to Quick Model

Start by opening the Discover module as usual. To add a new server, click the Add New Server button, rather than selecting a server from the list.

Then select the server type and enter the connection and security information.

Alternatively, if you want to add a new database on an existing server, select the server and then click the Add New Database button rather than selecting an existing database.

Next, choose a database and import the required tables; you'll then see the table relationships and properties, which you can edit before processing the data model.

Quick Model on SQL Script

When importing tables from the given database, you have 2 options: you can simply select the required tables from the list, or you can open the Custom Query editor where you can write a SQL script to return a table. Click here to learn about adding tables based on a custom query.

Preview Tables

As in Model Pro, you can the data in each table. Click the Preview icon (red arrow) from the relevant table to open its Preview panel (blue arrow). Each column can be sorted (green arrow) or filtered (yellow arrow). Click here to learn more.