List Builder

The List Builder enables users to import a list of member elements and automatically add them to the query. Whether adding the elements to a query in Discover, or building business logic in Formulate, it can be time consuming to manually select the needed elements from within very large hierarchies. The List Builder is designed to provide a solution to this challenge: rather than perusing all the elements within the hierarchy and selecting each relevant element manually, users can simply import or copy and paste a list of items representing the member elements via the List Builder.

Access the List Builder

The list builder is available as a set of tools when using element tree in both Discover and Formulate.

Save as List

Select this checkbox if, in addition to the given selection type, you also want to save the selected elements as a list.

If you've saved your selected elements as a list, it will appear underneath the Elements panel. Right click on it to open it in Formulate, save and share it in the CMS, or delete it.

How to Use the List Builder

Start by importing a delimited text file or pasting a list.

Next, configure the settings for your list:

Delimiter: choose the delimiter that was used in your list.

Line Delimiter: select the appropriate line delimiter to define the column(s).

Header Rows: enter the number of header rows in your list.

Selected Field: if your list contains multiple columns (fields), identify which field to use.

Case Sensitive: select if your list is case sensitive.