Lollipop Charts

The Lollipop chart is similar to the Point chart in that it plots data points across Cartesian coordinates (an x- and y-axis that meet). However, it also shares similarities with the column chart, as it displays a vertical line for each category on the x-axis , beginning at the start point on the x-axis and ending at the data point.

While the lollipop chart is functionally similar to the column chart, it can be more visually appealing in some scenarios. Pyramid also supports functionality for lollipop charts that assist in optimizing the chart for display of multiple hierarchies. While column charts can also be used to display multiple hierarchies, it can be visually overwhelming and difficult to read if the hierarchies are large. When working with Lollipop charts, you can use the Color and Shape zones to easily construct complex yet sleek line charts, that display multiple data points on each line.

Build a Lollipop Chart

To build a Lollipop chart, add at least 1 hierarchy to the Categories zone, and a measure to Values: