Query Metadata Panel

The query metadata panel displays information about the query, data source, and the report. It details the measures and filters added to the query, as well as statistics revealing the number of columns, rows, cells and other metadata in the query.

This helps provide context to the user, and the statistics are useful in gauging the performance (speed) of the query.

Access the Panel

To access the metadata panel, hover over the information icon above the canvas.

The information panel contains four categories of information to provide context to the user:

  • Measures: displays the measures in the query.
  • Attributes: displays the attributes in the query.
  • Filters: any filters added to the query.
  • Statistics: displays the number of columns, rows, and cells in the query.
  • Metadata: displays the server name, database name, model name, and model description.
  • Report Metadata: displays the report name, location, create date, and author.
  • Item ID: displays the item id.