Panel Layout

Users can choose from several workspace presets in Discover Pro, which determine the location of the workspace panels. The workspace is also highly customizable, enabling users to drag and drop the various panels to the desired location.

Workspace Types


The default workspace type is Classic, which places the drop zones on the right (red highlight), and the Dimensions, Content, Measures, and Elements panels on the left.


The Analytics workspace places the drop zones on the left (red highlight), beside the rest of the panels. This makes for easy drag and drop of hierarchies, measures, and elements to the drop zones.


The Compact workspace places all panels on the left, and collapses the Content panel, freeing up more space on the canvas.

Reverse Analytic

Reverse Analytic places all panels on the right.

Collapse All

The Collapse All workspace collapses all panels; users can then open and toggle between the panels as required. Unlike the other workspace types, the Collapse All workspace does not support workspace customization via the rearranging of panels (continue reading below for more information).

Rearrange Panels

Each workspace type, except for the Collapse All workspace, supports customization by rearrangement of the panels via simple drag and drop functionality. To move a panel, click on its header so that the cursor appears as a four-pointed arrow. Drag the panel and drop it in any of the docking zones, which will be highlighted in blue.