Item Selection Bar

The Item Selection Bar, located across the top of the workspace, is where users define the query by adding measures, hierarchies, and filters. From here, users can peruse and search the data model, and select which data they want to visualize in the query.

Smart Discover's streamlined point-and-click selection bar makes this process simple and intuitive, supporting users in creating meaningful data visualizations, without the need for complex technical know-how. The Item Selection Bar is an integral piece of the report-making process, and an excellent example of how Smart Discover invites non-technical users into the data analytics space, making BI accessible and straightforward.

Add Data Selections

The user starts by clicking the Select Data button, exposing the Data Selection, opening the Data Selection Panel which features 3 main tabs: Values, Dimensions, and Filters; initially, only the Values tab is enabled.

Once a value (measure) is chosen, it is represented in a gauge visual; to learn more about visualizing your data, click here.

You can continue adding metrics to the query by clicking the Select Data button; once a measure has been added, the Dimensions and Filters tabs are also enabled from the Data Selection Panel, allowing the user to add hierarchies, filters, and slicers.

With Auto Recommend selected in the Visualization Picker, the visual is updated automatically according to the given items.

Each tab in the Data Selections Panel features a search bar, where you may enter a search term to look for a required item.


Each data selection in the query is displayed in the Item Selection Bar as a 'chip.' Chips are color-coded according to the data type they represent; measure chips, representing quantitative data, are orange, while hierarchy and filter chips, which represent qualitative data, are blue.

Remove Data Selections

To remove a data selection from the query, click the 'x' (green arrows below) of the chip you want to remove. To remove all data selections from the query, click the reset button (blue arrow).