Full Week

Returns a list of all dates in the given week (7-day period), derived from the specified date-time.

Syntax & Usage

FullWeek(<model member>[, <integer value OR day flag>])

<model member>

A PQL expression that returns a single member element. The member must exist in the data source; it cannot be a custom member. For the FullWeek function, this should be a member from the dateKey hierarchy.

<integer value OR day flag>

The integer value is the numeric value that determines from which day of the given month the list should start. This is set from the Insert Arguments window under 'Day of month to start from'.

The day flag also determines which day of the given week the list should start from. Add one of the following flags to the expression in script mode: MON/ TUE/ WED/ THU/ FRI/ SAT/ SUN. The day flag can only be added from the custom list IDE.