Set Intersect

Creates a list of elements common to the both the intersect block and the block to which it is connected. first Connect the Intersect block to the existing block. Select the values to be intersected from the same hierarchy that was used to create the set in the first block.

Syntax & Usage

Intersect([List A], [List B])
  • List A represents an initial listing of elements from a hierarchy.
  • List B represents a secondary listing of elements from the same hierarchy


In this example, a standard list of all Products was added, and filtered by the top 25 Products by Sales. The Set Intersect block was then added, and the Product hierarchy selected; the results are then filtered by those member elements containing the word "Touring". The resulting set lists all the products containing the word "Touring", within the 25 top selling products:

{Contains(Intersect(Top({AllMembers([products].[Product])},25,([measures].[data Sales])),{AllMembers([products].[Product])}),"Touring")}