Continuous Parameters

Static Continuous parameters are used when the user needs to pick something from a list of items, but the listing is based on a numerical range that has only been described by that range. In this way, continuous parameters contain a 'soft' listing of items. As such they can be used for driving only numeric selections throughout the application. They can also be global in scope, or attached to a specific data model.

Creating a Continuous Parameter

After selecting the parameter's scope (model or global), you need to choose Number, and then choose continuous (red arrow).

In the section below (yellow box), provide the definition for the continuous range.

  • Min Value: This is the lowest value that the parameter will accept.
  • Max Value:This is the highest value that the parameter will accept.
  • Step Value: When using the slider visualization control, this is the increments that the slider will produce as the user moves the thumb button. In effect, it discretizes the range.

If the user uses a text box as the input control, the step value is ignored - allowing the user to input any value between the min and max values.

Continuous Parameter Example