Scripting Datasource

To use an R or Python script as a data source, add the R or Python source node to the canvas. With the node selected, choose the required script type from the properties panel:

Quick Script: choose this option to write your own script, or download a script from the Marketplace. When using Python to write a Quick script, users will have the option to download PIP and Anaconda packages.

Select Script: choose this option to select a script that was built in Formulate and saved to the CMS.

Example: Quick Script

In this example, Python is used as the datasource, and a quick script downloaded from the Marketplace.

Step 1

Start by adding the Python data source node to the ETL. Take care to add the not from Sources, not Scripting. From the Properties panel select Quick Script, and then click the shopping cart icon to open up the Marketplace. Download the Get Stocks Data - Yahoo Finance package. Under Table Selection, click Add select Nodes (red arrow) to add a select node to the Python node.

Step 2

Click the Select node and from its Properties panel, name the new table, and select the Python table.

Step 3

Add the Time Intelligence node, and then add a target.

Step 4

Continue to Data Model, and under Columns ensure that the Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume measures are set to Average.