Data Flow Ribbon


  • Execute: click the execute button to test the Data Flow (ETL) and open the Processing Options dialog.
  • Sync Settings: click this button to sync the Model. The sub-menu controls the automatic syncing behavior.


  • Clear All: remove all nodes from the Data Flow.
  • Validate: test the Data Flow.
  • Variables: enables incremental loading. Variables are available only with an Enterprise edition license.
  • Add Server: open the Add Server panel.


  • Preview Size: change the number of rows in the preview panel. By default, 50 rows are shown. To change this, select a different number of rows, and click the Eye icon at the top of the Preview panel to update the preview. Select Custom to set the preview size and the sample fetch limit from the Set Preview Size dialog.
  • Auto Preview: turn on Auto Preview to automatically open the Preview panel when selecting a table in the Data Flow.
  • Rearrange: automatically rearranges the nodes on the canvas.
  • Scale to Fit: if the data flow is very large, enable Scale to Fit to fit all the nodes on the canvas.
  • Execution Status: enable Execution Status to show the status of each node in the data flow.
  • Delete: to delete a node, click on it and then click Delete.



  • Quick Discovery: once the data model has been saved, it can be opened immediately using the Quick Discovery function.