Pyramid offers a number of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that allow you to use an LLM (large language model) to generate or transform some new data for use in your model. You can use the Gen-AI nodes to automatically translate data, to asses the sentiment contained by data, and to transform data in response to general queries made using a text prompt.

Considerations when adding a Gen-AI node to a Data Flow:

  • If you have a large model or have created a complex prompt, responding may take some time, possibly impacting performance when building or syncing the model.
  • If your LLM has a token limit, you may need to limit your use or raise your limit.
  • As with any AI, the output is unpredictable to some extent. It is, therefore, very important that you preview and test the content that the LLM creates for you.

Using Generative AI nodes

You can add LLM nodes to your Data Flow to transform or generate new data.

Note: Where Gen-AI is not available, the Gen-AI option is not offered in the Data Flow > Elements list.

  • LLM Translate
  • Add the LLM Translate node to the Data Flow to translate values from an existing column into a new language and add those translations to a new column.

  • LLM Sentiment
  • Use the LLM Sentiment node to analyze the content of a column and automatically rate the "sentiment" of the values. Once established, the sentiment is added to a new column.

  • LLM General
  • Use the LLM General node to generate values for a new column by simply selecting the existing columns you are interested in and providing a text prompt describing what you want to do with the data therein.

Related Admin

In addition to the day-to-day use of the LLM to create new or transformed data for your model (above), administrators may also configure some related settings in the Admin Console:

  • Your administrator should select the Default LLM Engine (one of the Enable Generative AI Features) to use when running the prompts associated with your Gen-AI nodes. This is typically a one-time set up task. For more information, see AI Settings.