Data Frame Support

When downloading a Marketplace script, Pyramid detects the input and output columns automatically. When writing your own script, or selecting a shared script, users must manually add the output columns to the Output window.

Data Frame Support functionality enables you to automatically detect output columns. Rather than adding the columns manually, Pyramid will automatically add them to the Output window.

To use this feature, click Auto Detect from the Output window. From the Auto-detect output columns dialog, enter the name of the output data-frame and click Auto Detect.

  • Note that the first character of the data frame must be an English letter, and any subsequent characters can include letters, numeric digits, or underscores; spaces are not supported for this field.
  • In this example, the data-frame name is outputDF (red highlight below):

    Pyramid will detect and add the data-frame columns to the Output window (green highlight above).