Pyramid Reports

You can use Pyramid reports (data discoveries) as a data source via the Pyramid node. You can select reports from any model, folder location (as long as you have access to the folder and report), and regardless of its visualization type.

Connect to Pyramid Reports as a Source

Start by adding the Pyramid node to the canvas and go to it's Properties panel.

From the content tree, find and select the reports that you want to copy to the data flow. These can be in any folder that you have access to, and all visualization types are supported. You can select multiple reports from different folders and domains.

The selected reports will appear in the Tables selection, and may be added as table nodes or as a single multi-table node. The first option generates an individual node for each table; various other nodes can then be connected to the tables to perform data cleansing and manipulations. The second option generates a single 'Tables' node that for all selected tables. This node can be connected directly to a target node only.

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