Data Flow Targets

A Data Flow Target is the destination where processed data from a data flow operation should be stored.

Drag the target node onto the canvas. From the target's Properties panel:

  • You must select an existing database or specify a new database name.
  • The target can only be used to create a data model for discovery if it is a database server (SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc) or an IMDB.
  • If the target is a text or Parquet file, then "database name" will be used as directory name.
  • If the target is an excel file, then "database name" will be used as a file name.

  • In the Properties panel, make sure the correct target has been selected
  • Select the required server and database, or create a new database
    • Click the relevant Refresh buttons to refresh the server or database selection
  • Select Connect All to connect the nodes to the target

Target Tables

From here, you can configure a number of properties table outputs in the ETL. For some datasources, you can change the output name for tables, determine the writing type, and for some targets you can change the output schema.

  • Click here to learn more about target tables.

Set Schema

This option allows you to specify a custom target schema.

  • Click here to learn more about setting a custom target schema.

Execute Script After Completion

When using SQL PostgreSQL,or MySQL targets, you will also have the option to execute an SQL script after the ETL is run. Click here to learn more.