Measure Folders

Heuristics are used to generate logical measure folders and organize the model’s measures into those folders. By default, Pyramid generates a measure folder for each table that contains one or measures. The measure folder is named according to the name of the table, and all measures in that table are organized into that folder. You can create custom measure folders and add measures to them from both the Tables panel and the Columns panel.

When the data model is processed, the various measure folders are created and each measure is places in the given folder. Report-builders can then easily find the required measures in their folder locations.

Custom Measure Folders

To create custom measure folders from the Tables panel, left click on the measure to open its Properties panel. Open the Measure Editor to change the folder; you can enter the name of an existing measure folder, or create a new measure folder simply by writing the new folder name.

When the data model is processed, the measure will be placed within the given measure folder: