Command Line Support

The Execute Process node can be added to the master flow to enable you to call and execute external code and applications. You can use this node to run any cmd commands that exist on the Pyramid server.

This can be used for all manner of tasks, including renaming or moving files, pinging the server, and more.

Execute Process Node

To execute commands, add the Execute Process node to the master flow (blue arrow below), and configure its properties (green highlight below).

You'll enter the command in the node's script window (as in the image below), beneath which you can opt to load the results of the script into a given variable. Via this process, you can attach other master flow nodes to the Execute Process node. For instance, you could attach a conditional node and determine that if the command runs successfully, the current data model should be processed, but it fails, a Pyramid Event should be triggered to process a different model.

Execute Process Properties


Under the general properties, name the node and add a description.

Execute process

Add your command in the script window. You can write or paste a script directly, or open the PQL editor to build a script.

Under the script window are the following options:

  • Expression: enable to create a PQL expression. When enabled, a PQL icon will appear in the script window; click the icon to open the PQL editor.
  • Load result into variable: load the script results into the selected variable.
  • Load error into variable: if the script returns an error, load the error into the selected variable.
  • Load status code into variable: if the script returns a status code, load it into the selected variable.

Test the Command

You can test the node by right clicking on it and selecting Execute from the context menu:

The progress panel will display the progress of the execution, and the Variables can be opened to see the command results: