Data Model

The data modeling tools are used to define virtual semantic data models to instruct the tools how to query the database. Unlike the Data Flow, which is used to construct a database and schema, the configurations set in the Data Model are executed at runtime.

The data model node must be connected to a valid, existing data flow node. Within a flow, you may reference multiple data models; in this case, at least one valid data flow must precede the data model nodes. When

Add a Data Model

When switching to the Master Flow from the Data Flow, Data Model, or Security panel of a model definition file that contains a data model, the current data model is automatically added to the master flow.

You can add more data models by dragging the Data Model node onto the canvas.

Multiple Data Models

You can reference multiple data model in a single master flow. To open the data model panel for a given data model node, click the node before going to the Data Model panel. The selected data model will be shown.

Adding multiple data model nodes to a single data flow will duplicate the original model. You can make changes to the duplicates by clicking the node before opening the Data Model panel, where you can edit the model.

Data Model Properties

Display Name

The default display name of the data model node is Data Model 1. Any subsequent data flow nodes are named according to this naming convention, with the appropriate numeric suffix, e.g. 'Data Model 2', 'Data Model 3', etc.

You can change the data model node name from directly from this field.


You have the option to add a description to each data flow node; this can be a useful way of documenting the node for yourself and other users.

Model Name

This is the name given to the data model. The model name can be changed from this field, or from Model Configuration panel.

Model Description

This is the description that appears in the Model Configuration panel. It includes the model name and create date and time. The model description can be changed from this field, or from Model Configuration panel.

Data Flow

The name of the data flow to which the model belongs.


The target database where the model will be stored.