Master Flow

Advanced users can construct a master flow, which can contain advanced pipeline and flow logic, multiple data flows , multiple data models, and interactions with various other tools like APIs, command line and messaging.

The master flow is a powerful feature that provides users with the flexibility to perform complex data cleansing and manipulation.

The following tutorial video demonstrates Master Flow.


Access the Master Flow

The Master Flow is designed for use by pro users, and is hidden by default. To open the master flow, click the Show Master Flow button from the Model ribbon. If you've already configured a data flow and model, they will automatically be added to the master flow.


The General nodes are used to perform a range of essential functions, like adding data flows and models to the master flow, running SQL queries against the database, calling REST APIs, and more.

  • Click here to learn about the general nodes.


Loops are used to execute a node or process repeatedly based on a given condition.

  • Click here to learn about loops.


Conditional nodes are used to determine the execution of subsequent nodes dynamically, based on a given condition.

  • Click here to learn about conditional nodes.


Use the messaging nodes to trigger an email or SMS. Both the message distribution list and the content may be static or dynamic.

  • Click here to learn about messaging.

Node Context Menus

Right click on a node to open its context menu, which exposes the following functions:

  • Execute: execute the given node, without executing any other nodes.
  • Delete: delete the node.
  • Duplicate: duplicate the node.
  • Copy: copy the node.
  • Paste: paste a copied node.