Open And Edit Smart Models

When a new smart model is built, it produces a database and a data model. The details and instructions for the data model are stored in a file (called a model definition fine) which is accessible from the content management system. To edit a smart model you must open the model's definition file from its folder location.

By default, definition files for smart models are stored in the My Content folder of the model builder. Navigate to the My Content folder and find the required definition file; these files are denoted by a yellow model icon. Click on the relevant file to open and edit it.

The file will be opened in the Model Pro app, where you can edit it from four modules:

  • Master Flow: only users belonging to a Profile that has permissions to the Master Flow will have access to it. The Master Flow is an advanced toolset used to perform complex data cleansing and manipulation.
  • Data Flow: connect to a data source, manipulate the data set as required, and load it into a destination.
  • Data Model: define relationships between the model's tables, define measure columns, construct hierarchies, and more.
  • Security Settings: set security permissions for the data model by selecting which roles will have read or write access the database and/ or the data model. Users belonging to a role with read access to the model will be able to open it in Discover; those belonging to a role with write access will be able to edit the model.

After editing the data model, be sure to save changes and reprocess the model. Reprocessing ensures that the model is rebuilt, so it will reflect any changes or edits made to the definition file.