Smart Modeling

The Smart Modeling tool allows users to import a file for use as a data source. There's no need to configure the Data Flow (ETL), as Pyramid automatically builds the data model using heuristics to determine the relationships in the model. This is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly build a data model based on a single file, with no need for complex data transformation or data cleansing.

Build a New Smart Model

The Smart Model toolset offers a fast, simple way to build data models from file data sources, like xlsx, csv, json, and more. Simply upload the file to the Smart Model wizard, and then set a few preferences, including the model name, server destination.

  • Click here to learn how to build a new Smart Model.

File Types

Smart Modeling supports the following file types:

  • xls
  • xlsx
  • txt
  • csv
  • tsv
  • mdb
  • accdb
  • json
  • xml
  • pia
  • sas7bdat

Manage Smart Models

Once the smart model has been built, it can immediately be opened in Discover and queried. You can also edit the smart model, update the source file, reprocess the model, and govern access to the model based on user roles.

  • Click here to learn how to manage Smart Models.