Conditional Display

The mini-tab container is used to display multiple visuals in a single container; the container is made up of a number of tabs, and the user can switch between the tabs to display a different visual. The mini-tabs can be configured to hide tabs (as shown below) - making it impossible for the user to manually change tabs. Instead, designers will wire up the mini-tab to a slicer. The slicer, in turn will have actions defined, that trigger a change in the mini-tab - effectively delivering conditional display.

Note: this feature is not available in the Community Edition.

  • Click here to read how to configure Slicer Actions

The dashboard designer can use this technique to also tailor a single dashboard for multiple audiences, simply by creating conditions that will control which tab is displayed based on the slicer selection. Similarly, mini-tabs used in Publish, can be used with slicer actions to change the rendered content on pages based on the slicer selections that drive the publication.

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  • Click here to learn about conditional display in Publish.

Printing for Conditional Display

When printing and exporting a slide or presentation featuring a mini-tabs container with conditional display, the tab that corresponds to the currently selected slicer element will be rendered.