Panels are the containers used to "frame" your visuals in Present and Publish. Depending on the style chosen, your panel may include a title, breadcrumbs, a border, shadowing, and so on. When viewed at runtime in Present, each panel also contains Panel Tools that are shown when hovering over the visual, regardless of whether or not panels are shown or hidden.

The following runtime example shows a data discovery in a rounded panel; the panel features rounded corners and a black outline due to its Rounded style. The title for the visual is displayed at the top-left corner of the panel, along with the breadcrumb trail. If the panel is part of a presentation and you want to see the panel tools or tooltips, you need to hover your cursor over the panel.

Configure Formatting

Use the options on the Present Pro ribbon to show and hide the panel borders, titles, and subtitles, and to change the general look and feel of the panels using preset styles:

Understand the impact that the preset styles have on the appearance of the panels on your presentation, including on the Panel Tools that are available to users at runtime:

Use the options in the Formatting panel to manage the appearance settings for your panels either on a per-slide basis (changing the border color for one slide, say), or for all panels on a particular slide: