OData Link

The OData feed function allows users to capture a special URL that allows them to read in the result set of the item's query into another client technology that consumes data.

This lets you edit live queries from Pyramid in other clients like Excel, or copy queries from multiple clients into a single application.

The OData feed differs from the OData source in Model, which enables Pyramid to consume other OData feeds. Instead, the OData feed uses Pyramid queries as a data source.

Note: The OData Feed capability requires separate licensing.

How to Access the OData Feed URL

The OData Feed can be accessed via a data discovery's Actions Panel, the App Tab Menu, and presentations in runtime. The OData Feed is also accessible to Basic users, who are given access to embedded content items only.

Present Runtime

While the presentation is in runtime, right click on the relevant query; click “OData Link” from the context menu.