Jump to URL

Jump to a given URL - you can enter a URL (which must be contained in double inverted commas "") in the URL panel. When the button is clicked, the URL will be opened in a new window. As with Dynamic Web Panels, you can add action PQL functions to the URL in order to inject the URL dynamically at runtime, based on the data element selected in the presentation (either a visualization or a slicer). A range of common functions is also available:

When the presentation is launched in runtime, click the jump button to jump to the relevant URL.You can choose to open the URL either:

  • in a New Tab

  • in a Pop Up

  • In a Pop Up with IFrame

  • in place

Example: add a mailto link to a presentation


Add a button to your presentation. This can be an out of the box button from the Shapes menu, or a button that you've built in Illustrate.


Right click on the button and select Click Action:


From the Jump Actions panel, select Jump to URL as the action type.

Step 4

In the URL editor, write "mailto:emailaddress". To add multiple email addresses, use a comma as a delimiter between email addresses:

  1. Add email addresses in the URL editor.

  2. Click Validate to ensure that the code is correct.

  3. Click Apply to save the jump action.


After you test and apply the jump action, open the presentation in runtime - when you click the button, your computer's default email client will be opened.