NLQ Chatbot (Present)

When a Present dashboard is running, you can use the Natural Language Query (NLQ) Chatbot to interact with visualizations in an intuitive way with plain English. The ease and fluidity afforded by the Chatbot facilitates data exploration by encouraging spontaneity, helping allows users to quickly explore the data in an organic and unrestricted way using English.

Note: this feature is available with the Enterprise Edition license only.

Accessing the Chatbot for Present

The Chatbot in Present can be used to create and design storyboards and / or interrogate content in running storyboards.

  • Design Time: To open the Chatbot, start a new presentation. Click on the Chatbot button in the app-tab. For more instructions, see Building a storyboard with a Chatbot.
  • Runtime: To open the Chatbot, launch your presentation in runtime. Hover over the visual's panel, and click the Chatbot button. For instructions, see Access the Chatbot at Runtime

The chat panel opens and you can begin "chatting" to either build your content or interact with the chosen visual. Simply enter your request into the chat's text box, and the relevant interactive function will be performed.

Chatbot Querying

The Chatbot employs almost identical techniques to simple NLQ questions. This includes time intelligence, geographic intelligence, proper noun intelligence, and so on. The Chatbot supports specialized wildcard searches on the current data model and support for several special keyword commands.