About Present

Pyramid contains two modules that enable you to share your data discoveries in presentations and reports. These are Present, and Publish.

In Present, you’ll build sophisticated, fully customized slide presentations, by importing content created in both Discover and Illustrate.

You can add slicers and dynamic text and images to your slides, and interact with your presentations to slice and dice as required.


Launch the Present module from the Pyramidhomepageby clicking the present icon from the left-hand navigation panel.

Alternatively, if you’re currently using another module, click plus sign along the bottom panel and select New Presentation from the pop-up menu.

Next, select apresentationtheme, device, and layout, and click the Create button. Now you’ll arrive at a new presentation, and you can begin building your slides.


Present contains four ribbons:


From the Home ribbon, you can access themostused functions.

Presentation Design

In the Presentation ribbon, you can set the design of your slides.


You can manage text styles from the Text ribbon.


In the Slide ribbon, you can configure the layout of your content, and manage data interactions.


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