Publication Templates

Build master page templates for cover pages and content slides to standardize the design of your publications.

From the right-hand Preview panel, select Cover (to configure a cover page template) or Content (to configure a slide template). When properly selected, you’ll see a striped blue background behind the slide.

To create your templates, you can add any saved images, such as background images, company logo, and banners, simply by dragging them from their folder location onto the canvas. Once they’re on the canvas, you can easily drag and drop them, and resize them as required. Hold down the shift key while resizing to maintain the original aspect ratio.

To apply your Content templates to pages that you’re working on, make sure to keep the Content option checked. For more information about templates, click here.

Master page templates can be added to themes from the Admin console. This means that when the theme is selected for a presentation or publication, the associated master pages will be loaded. Click here to learn more.

Walkthrough: Build Templates

To get started, open the publication we built previously.


Select the Cover option from the Preview panel.


From the Home ribbon, select a canvas background color from Slide Canvas.


Click the Text icon from the canvas panel to add a textbox. Resize and position your text box along the top of the page, and write “Sales Cor.”

Save a picture of your company logo to your computer. Open its folder location and drag it onto the canvas. Position and resize as required.

NOTE: Hold down the shift key while resizing, to maintain the original aspect ratio.


Go to the Text ribbon, to bold and enlarge your text. Then go to the paint bucket and select a background color for the textbox – this will act as our banner.


Find your company logo in its file location, and drag it onto the banner. You can add additional images in the same way.


Add two more textboxes, and write “Sales Report, Q4” in the first. In the second, write “Breakdown of sales by promotion, product, location, and manufacturer.” Select font options from the Text ribbon.


From the Home ribbon, go to Guides, and select Vertical Guideline. Position your guideline at 50mm, and then position your text accordingly. Then right click on the guideline and click Remove.

Select the Content template option from the Preview panel. Add any logos, images, background colors, or textboxes as required.


Select Content from the Preview panel to build a content page template.


Select the banner on your Cover template and click copy from the Home ribbon. Then click the Content icon again and select paste from the Home ribbon. Deselect the Cover checkbox.


Click your page from the Preview panel to open it up. Then drag and drop the visuals as required.


Save your changes.


NOTE: For more information on building and using templates, see Master Page Templates.