Tabulate Lite Toolbox


Toolbox is the main operational point for accessing the main canvas functions for the Tabulate app. It appears in the top left hand side of the screen (for left-to-right languages). The Toolbox provides access to functions available regardless of the selected tab ribbon.

Note: The Toolbox is sometimes referred to as the Canvas Menu.

The Toolbox appears as follows:

Toolbox Contents

The Toolbox comprises the following items:

  • Selection: enables the selection of either a single cell, or, by dragging the cursor, multiple cells.
  • Formatting: provides access to the formatting panel, a context sensitive panel from which you can set formatting preferences for your visualization.
  • Add New Column: Allows users to insert new columns to the Tabulate Worksheet
  • Add New Row: Allows users to insert new rows to the Tabulate Worksheet
  • Screen Divider: divides the Tabulate Canvas into different arrangements. Right-click on the menu item to display the options. See below for the options.
  • Add New Content: Allows the user to add new content by accessing the content folders.
  • Add New Slicer: Slicers are used to filter data visualizations in tabulations. If a content item contains a slicer, you can select a value from it to filter any visuals driven by it.
  • Smart Reporting: helps non-technical users to build analytical content using augmentation engines and heuristics.
  • Discover Lite: Provides a streamlined interface where users can quickly analyze data on the fly, ensuring that report-building is intuitive and straightforward.

Screen divider options

Displayed when you right-click on the Screen Divider icon. Choose the layout required to allow for 1,2,3, or 4 visualizations.