Formatting Panels

The context-sensitive Formatting panel lets you set formatting preferences for either your visualization or the cells in your spreadsheet. This includes:

  • Visualization Formatting.
  • You can format your visualization by opening the Formatting panel with one or more items from the visualization selected and changing colors, plotting area, slicers, legends, axes, titles, and more.

  • Cell Formatting Panel.
  • The Cell Formatting panel lets you update the number formatting (currency, formatting), cell formatting, and so on.

Activate the Formatting Panel for Visualizations

  1. From the left-hand Toolbox, click Formatting Selector.

    This transforms the canvas into an intuitive, point-and-click formatting area. Hover your cursor over the content items on the canvas to highlight them for selection.

  2. Click the content item that you want to format.

    Clicking an "activated" component opens its formatting options in the Formatting panel.

  3. Update the formatting options as appropriate to your requirements.

The Formatting panel is available in Discover, Present, Publish, and Tabulate. In each of these modules, the Formatting panel shows some or all of the same formatting options. For details about applying various formatting changes to different visualization types, review the documentation in the Discover Pro section: Formatting Panel.

Tip: Instead of following the preceding steps, you could also open the Formatting panel for your visualization by clicking Format Visual on the Change Visual ribbon.

Open the Formatting Panel for Cells

  1. Select the cell or cells that you want to format and right-click Format Cells.

  2. In the Formatting panel, update your formatting options as appropriate to your requirements.

    To update the appearance of numbers in your spreadsheet (currency, date format, decimal places, and so on), see Numeric Formatting.

    To update the appearance of cells in your spreadsheet (font, color, borders, and so on), see Cell Formatting.

Important: Any formatting changes that you make are applied as you make them.

Tip: Instead of following the preceding steps, you could also format the cell font and so on using the Number or Font options on the Tabulate ribbon.

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