Embedding in Present and Publish

Tabulate enables users to embed Tabulate sheet contents in Present dashboards, Publications, and in Illustrate items. This functionality extends access to Tabulate sheet outcomes even for users who do not have access to Tabulate. Users can select and save visual areas in their Tabulate worksheets and embed them in Present, Publish, and Illustrate.

Adding Visual Areas

  1. From the Tabulation, select the area that you want to add to Present, Publish, or Illustrate (red box)
  2. From the Tabulate Tab (blue highlight), click on the Visual Area (red highlight), and select Set Visual Area (green highlight).
  3. Enter a name for the selected area and click OK. Note: Don't use spaces in the name.
  4. Open the Presentation, Publication, or Illustrate item.
  5. Use the Content Area to select the visual area from the saved Tabulation
  6. Drag this onto the Present / Publish workspace.
  7. When using disparate data sources in the Present or Publish content item, use Cross Model Mapping to define the relationship between the model used by the data in Tabulate and the model used by the other data source(s) in Present and Publish.

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