Solve Panel

The Solve panel is where Solve is configured.

Click the Advanced Settings tile. The Advanced Settings ribbon is displayed:

Click the Solve button to display the Solve panel:

Drag the top edge of this panel if you want to resize it.

Under the Equations tab, specify the objective you want to achieve, as well as any constraints that apply to the problem. See the help topics linked below for more information on this tab.

The Advanced tab allows you to Ignore Integer Constraints, to ignore the fact that constraints contain any integers when you next run Solve. This can make the problem easier to solve.

You can also set limits on the maximum time, or number of iterations, that Solve takes to find the optimal solution:

When you have finished specifying the problem, click Apply or Apply and close to run Solve:


A dropdown menu, on the top ribbon of the Solve panel, provides the following autorun options:

  • Autorun on all changes: the Solve algorithm runs automatically every time you make a change in a sheet: for example, a change in any cell, change of a slicer or parameter, or an addition of data.

  • Autorun on Slicers & Parameters (default): the Solve algorithm runs automatically every time you change a slicer or parameter value.

  • Manual Execution: the Solve algorithm runs only when you open the Solve panel and click Apply, or Apply and close.

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