Tabulate Pro Overview

Tabulate Pro is the full Tabulate module in Pyramid for users to design and build business models and decision models. It provides a live connection to (multiple) data, enabling you to report and build models on data that can change dynamically.

Existing Discoveries and spreadsheets can be added and then used to mesh and perform further manipulations on the data. Being a spreadsheet application, it provides you with the flexibility and functionality of similar applications (such as Excel).

  • Tabulate Pro is only available for users with a Pro profile, but admins can downgrade users with a Pro profile to have access to Tabulate Lite, or no Tabulate access if required.
  • The Tabulate lite version is suited for less technical users. It provides access to Tabulate, but cannot perform the more advanced functions of Tabulate.
  • Users with Analyst profiles can only access Tabulate Lite or no Tabulate access if required.
  • Users with Viewer profiles can not access either Tabulate tool (Pro or Lite).

Tabulate Workflow

The following section of help will focus on the functionality of the Tabulate Pro toolset covering these topics in depth:

  • Accessing Tabulate - how to access Tabulate from the Pyramid Environment
  • Tabulate Workspace - what all the menus and buttons are for
  • Working with Spreadsheets - how to edit and format data, work with formulas, import data, and work with slicers, and parameters.
  • Creating Tabulate Visuals - how to create visualizations that will automatically update with the underlying queries, and how to use drop zones and formatting panels to optimize visualizations.
  • Embedding in Present and Publish - how to embed visualizations created in Tabulate into Present and Publish
  • Managing Tabulations - how to edit previously created Tabulations
  • Solve Overview - an overview of the Solve plug-in used to build decision models and drive advanced optimization logic for what-if and prescriptive analyses.