Tabulate Status Bar and Sheets

The Status Bar at the top of the Tabulate sheet area displays all sheets in the current Tabulation. Users can also add, delete, rename, and navigate between sheets.

Sheet Operations

The following core sheet-level operations are driven through the sheet controls.

Renaming a Sheet

To rename this Sheet, click on the name and enter the required new name. The box will resize to fit.

Navigating between Sheets

Use the left and right arrows to navigate to the previous or next Sheet in the Tabulation.

Adding a Sheet

Click the plus icon to add a Sheet. By default, this will be named “Sheetn” (where “n” is the next number in the sequence. You can rename this, if required, as described above.

Note: You can also add a Sheet by right-clicking when over a Sheet name and selecting ‘Insert’ from the drop-down menu. A new Sheet (with an incremented number, as above) will be added to the left of the selected Sheet.

Deleting a Sheet

You can delete a Sheet by right-clicking on its name and selecting Delete from the drop-down menu.

Moving a Sheet

You can move a Sheet by drag and dropping the sheet in its desired position.

Status Bar Controls

The Canvas Controls (red box) appears on the top right hand side above the canvas:

The icons provide the following functions:

  • Slider: Enlarges and reduces the size of the Canvas.
  • Left and right arrows: steps to the previous/next screen’s worth of the sheet.
  • Save (disk icon): displays the Save dialog, enabling you to save the Tabulation.
  • Printer (printer icon): displays the Print/Export dialog enabling you to print or export the Tabulation.
  • Question Mark (Help): displays the online Help.
  • X (Close): closes the Tabulation.

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