Smart Report

Smart Report is an AI driven tool for helping non-technical users to build analytical content using augmentation engines and heuristics. It offers users the simplest method for building data visualizations in Pyramid through a simple point-and-click wizard. (Arguably, the Natural Language Querying is even simpler - because the user only needs to write plain English questions). Smart Report is ideal for users who want to build discoveries and glean insights quickly, but who don't have a need for the more advanced functionality afforded by Discover Lite and Discover Pro.

Note: Smart Reporting is also exposed as an "internal" tool for creating content from inside Tabulate.

Access Smart Reporting

You can create data discoveries within Tabulate on the fly by using the Smart Report button.

Click the Smart Reporting button to create data discoveries in Tabulate on the fly.

  • Click here to learn more about the Smart Reporting interface.

By default, smart discoveries created and saved from Tabulate are 'one-off' content items, existing only in the current Tabulation. By default, the visual is created with the name New Discovery. To rename it, right-click the visual, select Show Panels on the context menu, and then create a custom title in the Panel Settings.

To save the discovery and make it shareable, right click on it and select Make Shareable.

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