Publications Feed

Publications are printable documents that you can download from the Publications Feed, which lists the publications that have been shared with you.

Each publication listed will display the following information:

  • Actions: from the Actions column, download or delete the publication.
  • Flag: flag a publication to remind yourself to take an action.
  • Type: the publication's output type.
  • Name: the name of the publication.
  • Author: the user who built the publication.
  • Run-Time: the date and time that the publication was rendered.

When you select a publication's checkbox, four buttons will be enabled along the top of the page: Download, Mark as Read/ Unread, Flag, and Delete. This allows you to perform the same action for multiple selected publications.


Filter the list of publications by time and status.

  • Time filter: filter the list according to a time period or a custom date range. To filter by a custom date range, click Custom, then enter the From and To dates.
  • Status filter: filter the list to see all publications, or only those that were read, unread, flagged, or unflagged.

Mark all as Read

Click the 'Mark all as Read' button to mark all publications in the current list as read.