The "TrellisData" object represents one part of data set in the query results, when the data set is trellised. If there was no use of the "trellis" drop zones, this will return only one element in the collection representing all the data in the query. It is an essential entity in determining the context for the APIs and therefore how to render each visual instance.

  • From version: 2020.20



column: number

The column represents the column coordinate of the TrellisData object.

const trellisDataColumnPosition = currentTrellisedData.column;


row: number

The row represents the row co-ordinate of the trellisData object.

const trellisDataRowPosition = ;currentTrellisedData.row;


datapoints: Datapoint[]

The collection of datapoints that belong to the given trellisData object. Used when rendering the query result.

Const datapointsForSecondTrellis =[1].datapoints;


trellisElements: Element[]

This is an array of the member element selections made in the query that belong to this trellis axis. The array is the collection of elements which are the source of the current trellisData part. Use it to understand the context of the current trellisData.

Const elemntsForSecondTrellis =[1].trellisElements;