Get a Tenant's Users with specific license type

{ getAllUsersDataByTenantAndLicenceType }

Returns a list of all users for a given tenant and license type.



  • API Section: /API2/access
  • API Version: 2.0
  • From Release: 2018.5.2
  • Method operates via POST actions only.
  • Input Parameters



    Object Type


    The tenant object for fetching users.

    Output Response

    Successful Result Code


    Response List Type

    Description of Response Type

    Returns a generic response object with the list of users for the tenant in the system Note that the response is returned as a list of items of this object type.


    The user object can be used in other operations where it is required.

    Content and Tag Operations (JavaScript):

    This example demonstrates how to find item's and the manipulation of content tags.

    The example uses API authentication driven from JavaScript. See Authentication APIs for alternatives.

    // URL of the Pyramid installation and the path to the API 2.0 REST methods
    var pyramidURL = "";
    // step 1: authenticate admin account and get token
    // NOTE: callApi method is a generic REST method shown below.
    let token = callApi("auth/authenticateUser",{
    //step 2: search for tenant by name
    let tenant=callApi("access/getTenantByName",{
    	"tenantName": "Company X",
    	"auth": token
    let tenantId;
    //step 3: if tenant is found, get its ID. Otherwise create the tenant
    if( != undefined){
        log("found tenant with id "+ tenantId);
        log("tenant was not found ,creating one");
        let createTenantResult = callApi("access/createTenant",{
          "tenant": {
            "name": "Company X",
            "viewerSeats": 1,
            "proSeats": 1
          "auth": token
        tenantId =[0].id;
    //step 4: delete the tenant we found in step 2
    let deleteTenants=callApi("access/deleteTenants",{
    	"data": {
    	"tenantIds": [
    	"deleteUsers": true,
    	"deleteServers": true
    	"auth": token
    //step 5: get the default tenant
    let defaultTenant = callApi("access/getDefaultTenant",{
      "auth": token
    let defaultTenantId =;
    //step 6: get available licenses by type for default tenant
    let proSeatsNumber = callApi("access/getAvailableTenantLicenseCount",{
      "tenantLicenseTypeData": {
        "tenantId": defaultTenantId,
        "licenseType": 200,
      "auth": token
    log("The default tenant has "+ + " available pro seats licenses");
    //step 7: get available users for tenant by license type
    let proSeatsUsersData = callApi("access/getAllUsersDataByTenantAndLicenceType",{
      "tenantUsersGetObject": {
        "tenantId": defaultTenantId,
        "clientLicenseType": 200,
      "auth": token
    // ##### optional generic logging method for debugging ##############
    function log(msg){
    // ##### generic REST API calling method ##############
    function callApi(path,data,parseResult=true){
    	var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();"POST", pyramidURL+path, false);
    		return JSON.parse(xhttp.responseText);
    		return xhttp.responseText;