Target Parameterization for Presentations

Presentations may be parameterized through targets. To parameterize a presentation, start by adding a Target, then create an interaction between the target and the relevant visualization.

Direct URL Loading

Parameterize the presentation's URL for direct content loading, using the following syntax:

{YourPyramidsite}/direct/?id={content identifier} &target[Target Name]=[Dimension].[Hierarchy].[Member]:[Dimension].[Hierarchy].[Member]


{YourPyramidsite}/direct/?id={content identifier} &target[Target Name]=[customers].[Country].[France]:[customers].[country].[Germany]

Embedded Content

Use JavaScript to parameterize an embedded presentation:

var target = { name: 'Target 1', filters: [ { value: '[customers].[country].[France]' }, { value: '[customers].[country].[Germany]' }, ], olap: false }   var params = { targets: [target] }


//embed the presentation in the container var countryFilter = { value: '[customers].[country].[France]' }; var target = { name: 'Target 1', filters: [countryFilter], olap: false };   pyramid.embed(document.getElementById(‘myDiv’)), { id: "f8d66c64-893b-43fc-8049-e9b710ec90f9", host: "https://mysite", contentType: "storyboard", params: { targets: [target] } });


//use two filters and two targets const filter1 = Filter.create().addUniqueName('MEMBER_UNIQUE_NAME'); const filter2 = Filter.create().addUniqueName('MEMBER_UNIQUE_NAME'); const target = Target.create() .add(filter1, 'Target1' /* targetName */, false /* isOlap */) .add(filter2, 'Target2' /* targetName */, false /* isOlap */); embedClient.embed(container, { contentId: 'eb84f0af-f996-4850-a5ed-795d5af78513', targets: target, });

Parameterization Syntax Examples

The syntax of the URL is as follows:

{YourPyramidsite}/direct/?id={content identifier}&target[Target Name]=[Dimension].[Hierarchy].[Member]:[Dimension].[Hierarchy].[Member]

The example below will filter the target visuals in the presentation according to the target called 'Country', by the member elements 'France' and Germany':[Country]=[customers].[Country].[France]:[customers].[country].[Germany]

Cube and BW Targets

If you are parameterizing a target that is interacting with a visual from an MS OLAP, Tabular, or BW data source, you need to add the appropriate flag to the URL after the target's name.

For OLAP or Tabular models, add the flag ":MS"; for BW models, add the flag ":BW".

MS OLAP/ Tabular

If the target connects to a visual from a cube model, add ":MS" after the target's name: "&target[Target1:MS]="[Target1:MS]=[customers].[Country].[France]


If the target connects to a visual from a BW model, add ":BW" after the target's name: "&target[Target1:BW]="[Target1:BW]=[customers].[Country].[France]

Multiple Targets

A separate target is required for each hierarchy that will be used to filter the target visual. However, multiple member elements can be used as a filter for each target, as long as each member element belongs to the same hierarchy.

In the example below, the target visual will be filtered by 2 targets: Product Category and Manufacturer. The target called 'Product Category' will be used to filter by the 'Bikes' element (from the Product Category hierarchy), while the target called 'Manufacturer' will be used to filter by the 'Acme' element (from the Manufacturer hierarchy).[Product Category]=[products].[Product Category].[Bikes]&target[Manufacturer]=[manufacturers].[Manufacturer].[Acme]