FullWeek (PQL)

Returns a list of week members derived from the given date-time member.

  • Returned Output: List
  • Library: PQL \ Semantic \ Date-Time
  • Version: 2018.00.000
  • Compatibility: Pyramid Query Language (PQL) data sources


FullWeek( <Member> , OPTIONAL <Day Integer> )

* Click on the function's arguments above for more details on the input values.

  • The member needs to be an existing member from a date-time flagged attribute in the model.
  • The optional start day integer is used to flag weeks that don't begin on Sunday. Either provide an integer for the start of the week (Sunday=1, Monday=2 etc), or use a 3 character flag (SUN, MON, TUE, etc).
  • For details on how to employ and use this function see the semantic calculation overview.
Different Function types
  • This function is similar the week to date (WTD) function, but it calculates the entire week range


The full week using a date of 2016-02-05 produces a list of dates starting January 31 -Feb 6 2016:

FullWeek( [data].[dateKey].[1454630400000] )

The full week using a date of 2016-02-05, with a start day of the Monday (1) produces a list of dates starting Feb 1 2016 ending February 7 2016:

FullWeek( [data].[dateKey].[1454630400000] ,MON )