Members and Elements

Member or Element names and expressions are passed to functions in PQL to return a member identifier, a member function, or an expression that can be converted to a member in a data model.

Syntax & Usage

[dimension or table name].[hierarchy or column name].[member or element name]
  • The member or element name, like the hierarchy and dimension name, should be enclosed in square brackets.
  • The member or element name is used in Granular and Semantic Calculations.
  • It's possible to have two or more members with the same name. When the dimension and hierarchy names are used as qualifiers, the full member name is unique.
Different Function types
  • This function is like MDX member objects.


This example is a data point expression that is comprised of 2 coordinates from a model: the Australia MEMBER, from the country column in the customer dimension, and the sales measure:

([Customer].[Country].[Australia], [measures].[sales])