Full Client Video Tutorials

Review the short video tutorials below to learn more about the tools available in Pyramid.

NOTE: Interactive tutorials are also available from inside the application for professional users.

Quick Overview


A fast-track, workflow demo on basic data modeling, discovery, and presentation.

Pyramid Modules

Data Model

More advanced tutorials for Data Model can be found here.

OLAP / Tabular

A quick demo on how to connect to Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP or Tabular).

Direct SQL Model

A quick demo on connecting to and querying an existing relational database.

Advanced Data Modeling

A walk-through demo on how to use data flow and data modeling with machine learning.


More advanced tutorials for Discover can be found here.

Drop Zones

An overview on how to use the Drop Zones in Discover to build a query.

Quick Lists

Build and share custom lists from Discover.


More advanced tutorials for Formulate can be found here.

Build a Formula

A guided walk-through on creating your first formula for reuse in discoveries and illustrations.


More advanced tutorials for Discover can be found here.

Present Overview

Learn how to build a presentation.


Publish Overview

Learn how to build a publication.


Illustrate Overview

A guided walk-through of creating your first illustration.

Content Management

More advanced tutorials for Content Management and tools can be found here.

Content Management Basics

A simple overview on basic navigation in the Content Management System.