LDAP Setup

To setup an Open LDAP authentication provider, add the following settings:

General LDAP Details

  • Domain Name: provide the NetBios Domain name. The domain is usually a short name. Typically its the "X" in the LDAP address below.
  • LDAP Address: T This should be provided in the format LDAP://DC=X,DC=Y,DC=z.
  • Port: The LDAP server port.
  • Secure Model: Indicate if you are using the "LDAPS" protocol

Domain User

A domain user account that will be used to log into the domain to check user credentials. This user is usually part of the domain itself, but it can be another user from a different domain in the forest if needed.

  • User Name - the name of an account with rights to traverse the LDAP database
  • Password: the user's password