Viewer User Profile Settings

The viewer user profile provides view-only access to the Pyramid apps, with the option of defining the level of interactivity for the different viewer user profiles. The viewer user profile is ideal for non-technical users who do not want to create content, but nevertheless require access to created content.

Add a Profile

To add a profile, click on the tab of the Viewer user type, then click on the Add Profile button on the top right hand of the screen.

  • Name: Each profile should be given a simple name
  • Description: provide a light description of the profile for management purposes
  • Tenant Security: Each profile is attached to a specific tenant in a multi-tenant environment, ensuring each tenancy can set up its users according to its own needs.

Set the interactivity level to:

  • High: allows the user to interact with data discoveries and presentations, and to subscribe to Publications, and build reports in Discover Lite, Present Lite, and Publish Lite.
  • Low: gives user access to the following runtime settings in Discover and Present: drip-up and drill-down, expand and collapse, dice, quick sort, quick filter, pivot, totals, interact, actions, conversations, metadata info, show warnings, print or export, subscribe.

Other Profile Settings

  • Click here to view Pro User Profile settings
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