Hierarchy Overlay

Hierarchy Overlays allow admins to adjust a hierarchy's metadata for a specific roles. This includes the hierarchy display folder, description, name, and type. Each of these types of metadata can be edited for specified roles, enabling admins to determine how hierarchies are presented to different user roles.

For instance, you could create an overlay with American spelling for US user roles. This way users in the UK will see British spelling, while users in the US will see American spelling.

Data Catalog

Since the metadata exposed forms the body of the data catalog function in Pyramid, the overlay capabilities allow for a personalization of the Data Catalog using a centralized mechanism based on security.

How to Edit the Hierarchy Overlay

  1. With the relevant role selected, open the Hierarchy Overlay panel.
  2. From the overlay panel you can edit the following for each hierarchy:
    • Display Folder: the folder in which the hierarchy is located
    • Description: add or edit the hierarchy's description
    • Alternative Name: apply an alternative name to the hierarchy. The role that's applied to the overlay will see the alternative name instead of the original hierarchy name.
    • Type: add or edit the type to which the hierarchy belongs
  3. Click Apply to save changes,

In the example below, the name of the Country hierarchy is changed to EMEA, specifically for end-users with the EMEA role. Under Member Security, admins can then ensure that this role will only see countries within the EMEA region in the EMEA (Country) hierarchy.

The overlay can then also be edited for North America role, so that this role will see a hierarchy called North America.