Measure Overlay

Measure overlays allow admins to adjust a measure's metadata for specified roles. This includes the display measure's folder name, measure description, measure name, and format string. Each of these fields can be edited, and users will see the edited version (overlay) that was configured for their role specifically, rather than the metadata that exists in the data model.

Data Catalog

Since the metadata exposed forms the body of the data catalog function in Pyramid, the overlay capabilities allow for a personalization of the Data Catalog using a centralized mechanism based on security.

How to Edit the Measure Overlay

  1. With the relevant data model and user role selected, open the Measure Overlay panel.
  2. Edit the metadata for the relevant measures Only users assigned to the selected role will see the edited overlay. You can edit:
    • Display Folder: the display folder in which the measure appears in the Measure tree.
    • Description: add a description to the measure.
    • Alternative Name:give the measure an alternative name, which the given role will see instead of the original Measure Name.
    • Format String: click the format string, and navigate through the drop down list to select a different format string