Hub Templates

The Hub allows users to build a collage of existing content to be displayed on the home dashboard, the Admin summaries panel, and embedded content. End users can use the toolbox to edit their own home dashboard as needed, and their changes are not seen by other users. Admins can do the same in the Summaries Panel.

However, the Hub Templates gives Admins the ability to build template collages, and assign them at the tenant level as the default User Hub, Admin Hub, and Embed Hub. End users will then see these default templates, and will be able to edit their own view of them. They can easily revert back to the default templates from the System Info dialog on the homepage.

Importantly, end users in an embedded environment can also edit their own view of the embedded Hub. This allows Basic Users to build their own content pages without significant effort by the Admins.

Templates List

The Hub Templates list shows all the Hub templates currently in the system. Each listing can contain up to 3 templates: 1 for the homepage, 1 for the Admin Summaries Panel, and 1 for embedding.

Each template listing must be assigned to a tenant; in turn, each tenant can have a single template listing marked as its default Hub template. Users in that tenant will then see the templates contained in that listing.

  • Actions: duplicate, delete, or export the template.
  • Name: the name of the template.
  • Default: make this the default template. Each tenant can have a maximum of 1 default template.
  • Tenant: the tenant to which the template is assigned.
  • Created By: the user who created the template.
  • Created On: the date on which the template was created.
  • Modified By: the user who last modified the template.
  • Modified On: the date on which the template was last modified.

Sort and Filter

Sort and filter the Hub Templates list by any of the columns (excluding the Actions column). Hover over the column headers to reveal the sort and filter icons; toggle the arrows to sort the list by the given column. Create a filter to filter the list by a specified text value in the given column.

Macro Buttons

The macro buttons are indicated by the yellow highlight in the image above:

  • Add: add a new template.
  • Import: import a template that was previously exported.
  • Delete: delete the selected template(s).
  • Apply: apply and save changes.
  • Click here to learn how to build and edit hub templates.