Deleted Items Log

The Deleted Items log captures a comprehensive list of all objects in the system that have been deleted. The log can be used to access each of the deleted item's audit trail history as part of the Audit Trail Logging mechanism.

The Audit Trail engine and logging framework (together with the Deleted Item Log) is disabled by default. To change the log settings, go to Logs > Log Settings.

Note: The Audit Trail framework is only available in the Enterprise Edition.

Deleted Items Log Details

To use the Deleted Items Log:

  • Click the "Object Type" drop-down to select one type of objects you wish to review out of the 21 presented.
  • Once selected, the table below will list all previously deleted items from most recent to oldest.
    • For each item, the deletion event is listed in the top panel with relevant details.
  • Clicking an item opens a panel from the bottom of the page showing its audit trail history, with basic details on creation and update. The deletion step is not included.
Deleted vs Purged Content Items

All content items (Model, Discover, Formulate, Tabulate, Present, Publish, and Illustrate) that have been PURGED will appear in the deleted items log like all other objects. However, content items that have just been "soft deleted" will not be included. They, instead, can still be found in the content management system. Using the CMS explorer tools. Note: Users can easily find soft deleted artifacts if they wish to see them and can review their audit trail history.